e-Lace is an unrivaled media agency
offering a fully integrated customer service function
dedicated for the LATAM gambling industry.




The e-Lace design team combines branding, web design, promotional design and animation to develop a unique brand identity for each client, according to their personality, audience and objectives.

Marketing Sports

Specialized marketing service exclusively for sports betting. A considerable amount of resource is spent on this vertical as it is a booming market and where companies can generate significant growth to boost business.


Is responsible for evaluating the quality of transactions generated with customers. It evaluates the professionalism, the accuracy of the information provided to the end user, the processes and tries to identify the causes of mistakes, in order to streamline the operations area.

Payment Management

e-Lace provides a payment management service adapted to suit your business scheme. We have a team of professionals who ensure a successful, fast and efficient payment system for your gaming business.


Our team of consultants offer precise search strategies for a wide range of brands, helping them boost rankings. We are highly confident we can do the same for your company.


At e-Lace we value the importance of content as a strategic tool when promoting our products in the online market. Our content department is responsible for the correct use of language.

Marketing Casino

At e-Lace, we firmly believe that the player experience is the most important factor. Therefore, our Casino team has been specially trained to meet players’ entertainment expectations.

Sales - Loyalty

Personalization, omni-channel, speed, precision and feedback are the keys to the success of any marketing and sales campaign. For these to flourish the best technology platform is required to automate the processes and monitor performance of marketing campaigns and sales management.

Fraud prevention and money laundering

Fraud is a practice that can contaminate any type of business, without the company even noticing that this type of malpractice is being carried out. At e-Lace we provide first class fraud prevention policies and procedures.

Customer Service

The e-Lace Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have professional agents with proven experience and attention to details in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Social Media

Our mission as a team is to build, sustain and improve the link between the brand and its audience. Social networks are a fundamental bastion of digital marketing and the user experience.

Human management

We can assist our clients in Employment Management, designing and implementing the best talent search and selection strategies providing services aligned to the business strategy and talent management.


Training becomes a fundamental pillar to nurture the knowledge that every employee must have to guarantee satisfaction of the end user. Having expert personnel, with thorough training in everything relating to the service is the perfect combination to achieve the highest quality of service.

Sports Trading

The trading department oversees 100% of the operation of the Sports vertical. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the management of different sites. 

About us

No two companies are the same. Even those sharing a common trade have unique characteristics and needs. Our dedicated account managers guarantee each client receives the best service possible to deliver business results.

Since 2009, we’ve helped our clients develop a strong and successful online presence in the LATAM gaming market.


Our Clients

We provide all the services required to run a successful operation



Salsa Technology is a leading B2B company that develops customised solutions for the iGaming industry in Latin America and Europe. It is managed by professionals with over 20 years of experience across online and land-based gaming.

This allows Salsa to be internationally recognised as the go-to business platform in Latin America. Thanks to its localisation expertise, Salsa delivers iGaming operation models ready to market and succeed.

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