Sales & Loyalty

Personalization, omni-channel, speed, precision and feedback are the keys to the success of any marketing and sales campaign. For these to flourish the best technology platform is required to automate the processes and monitor performance of marketing campaigns and sales management. We offer this technology and more based on:


  • Automatic dialers
  • Optimization of outgoing campaigns
  • Systems for sending emails, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Business intelligence


We carry out a variety of campaigns:


  • Welcome Call: we welcome new users, and conduct a survey to learn more, in addition to offering services appropriate to their tastes and needs.
  • New customers: campaigns to attract new users.
  • Re Activation: encourage clients that were with us, to come back and remain active.
  • Retention: Contact specific customers to offer them new services and products in order to retain them and gain their loyalty.