Social Media

Our mission as a team is to build, sustain and improve the link between the brand and its audience. Social networks are a fundamental bastion of digital marketing and the user experience.


Considering this we permanently monitor our brand and relevant competition. We prioritize the speed and quality of our responses, as well as our own content. We communicate our brand development and build an interactive community with users and potential customers. We work hard on branding, visibility, image and digital presence, and have ongoing analysis and communication strategies.


We create and manage optimized profiles for each social network. We generate dynamic content and measure its reach in real time. We listen to our users; we measure the demand to generate an offer to satisfy that demand. We are responsible for humanizing the brand, making it accessible, friendly and reliable. We manage blog content, networks, apps and audio-visual products. We have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Our work allows our clients to thrive and gain the best publicity to showcase the power of e-Lace.