The Quality function is responsible for evaluating the quality of transactions generated with customers. It evaluates the professionalism, the accuracy of the information provided to the end user, the processes and tries to identify the causes of mistakes, in order to streamline the operations area.


All dialogue with clients is evaluated through a random and representative samples. It is based on an evaluation form that considers the critical points in the dialogue, in addition to highlighting opportunities for soft skill improvements.


We target high quality care to achieve precision standards greater than 95%.


Our quality plan is based on:


  • Provide quality service by phone, chat, email, WhatsApp, among others.
  • Effective management.
  • Following up with potentially dissatisfied customers.
  • Suggesting for areas of improvement.


The existing controls ensure compliance of the company’s quality management system. At the same time, these controls improve the efficiency of the processes. The main controls used for measurement, analysis and improvement are the following:


  • Measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • Monitoring and measurement of the service.
  • Analysis of the data and the need to carry out improvement actions, either corrective or preventive.


In order to apply these quality control measures, the Quality Department, along with other departments, work to specify a Quality Plan in each of the company’s services. For each new service incorporated, a start-up meeting is held between departments to determine, according to the needs of the customer, the specifications of the Global Quality Plan.


We care about being aligned with our customers, providing them with the standard of excellence they require and the best user experience.